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Power Data-Centric Biological Discovery

Polly delivers curated biomedical data to expedite research outcomes.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Access Curated Biomedical Data on Polly

Discover the Data You Need

Get access to relevant biomedical studies from your preferred public sources. Connect public data with proprietary findings for a complete view of disease biology.

Our experts predict your data needs and deliver studies tailored to your biological question

All datasets are provided in a QC-ed, processed & metadata annotated format on Polly

Curate Data on Demand

Harmonize large amounts of public or proprietary biomedical data through Polly’s NLP-driven curation process. Make all your data comparable, interoperable and ML-ready.

Orchestrate end-to-end data processing (quality control, normalization, alignment) with customizable  pipelines on Polly

Integrate normalized data with  ontology backed metadata to fit unique analysis needs

Reduce Time to Analysis

Cut down time spent on data wrangling and jump straight to analysis using an actionable, curated set of biomedical datasets.

Investigate studies at the dataset, sample and feature levels through code or simple visualization tools

Seamlessly integrate Polly’s curated data into your existing analytical setup with APIs

Accelerate R&D by Returning Valuable Time to Scientists

De-risk AI/ML

Avoid off-the-mark predictions by fuelling ML models with clean, linked and high quality omics data.

Get to Critical Milestones Faster

Match indications to targets 75% faster using high quality omics datasets on Polly.

Scale Your Data Science

Save 2000 hours per year on data wrangling. Let Polly handle data preparation while your scientists focus on higher-value research.

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Polly Automates Pain Staking Data Curation

Polly is being utilized by multiple biopharma partners to convert TBs of public or in-house data into 'ML-Ready' formats. The platform employs an NLP-assisted curation engine to rapidly impute metadata, process data consistently and engineer to a verified data model.

Polly Technology

biomedical datasets curated


unique biological data types transformed


accuracy for study, sample and feature level curation


times as much metadata after curation

Bioinformatics Solutions Fit for Your Research

Dashboard Development

Analyze, visualize, and collaborate on data using interactive dashboards for in-depth exploration and insights.

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Pipeline Development

Work with our experts to build data processing pipelines customized to your data and analysis requirements.

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Predictive ML

Build, train and deploy ML models for biomarker identification, disease sub-type prediction and patient stratification.

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What Our Business Partners Have to Say

Data processing and scientific reporting of metabolomics data are crucial but also tedious. Polly’s range of applications helped our team in accelerating these processes significantly and effectively

Dewakar Sangaraju,
Senior Scientist; Genentech

Extremely impressed by Polly and its power to digest and integrate large datasets. The unique partnership that we have allows us to work hand-in-hand with software engineers and scientists to rapidly develop novel hypotheses that we can test in the lab...

Dr. Kate Yen,
Founder & CEO @Auron Therapeutics

Data analysis is the biggest bottleneck for metabolomics research. Elucidata has worked directly with us to streamline our analysis pipeline, accelerating the pace of our research.

Dr. Russel Jones,
Lead Investigator Van Andel Institute

We really were pleasantly surprised because this tool [El-MAVEN] is really useful in fast analysis of tracer data. It allows us to really look at a broad set of targets so you are not limited anymore for data analysis. A data analyst of mine stepped up to me and said, "I can do now in 3 hours what used to take 4 days.

Bart Ghesquière,
Head of Metabolomics Core Facility @VIB

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