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Power Data-Centric Biological Discovery

Empower R&D teams with curated biomedical data to reach critical milestones faster on Polly

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Find and Use Curated Biomedical
Data on Polly

Access Curated Biomedical Datasets

Explore Polly's collection of curated biomedical datasets aggregated from 10+ public sources. Datasets on Polly are consistently processed and enriched with ontology backed metadata, making them queryable and analysis-ready.

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Discover the Data You Need

Find relevant datasets within minutes using rich metadata annotations and supplementary scientific information. Run cross study, source and omics type queries on semantically aligned biomedical datasets.

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Reduce Time to Analysis

Cut down time spent on data wrangling and jump straight to analysis using an actionable, curated set of biomedical datasets. Request deeper curation to capture rich metadata and relationships between samples, features and other biomedical entities.

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Polly Accelerates R&D by Returning Valuable Time to Scientists

Improve research velocity with access to curated biomedical data on Polly

Hit Critical Milestones 75% Faster

Discover targets 75% faster using high quality biomedical datasets from Polly. Perform more robust analysis and match indications to targets faster.

Improve Productivity of Your R&D Team

Don't lose weeks of your research time to data wrangling. Free atleast 1700 hours per study with access to consisently processed datasets from Polly.

Data on Polly

Realise insights from over 43,000 deeply curated single cell and Bulk RNA-Seq datasets spanning a wide sprectrum of disease areas.

Single Cell OmixAtlas

1700+ Single Cell RNA-Seq Datasets

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Bulk RNA-Seq OmixAtlas

42,000+ Bulk RNA-Seq Datasets

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Polly Automates Pain Staking Data Curation

Elucidata’s Polly has transformed over 80 TB of semi-structured data from the public domain into a consistent data schema. The platform uses NLP-based models (Polly-BERT) to impute metadata at scale, with human levels of accuracy.

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bulk RNA-seq and single cell datasets ingested and curated.


times as much metadata after curation.


accuracy for study, sample and feature level curation.


more results by searching with harmonized metadata.

Designed for Data-Driven Teams


Analyze and visualize data to extract insights using tools and integrations on the platform.

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Run complex queries and connect results to your pipeline using API and libraries.

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Let your experts focus on high value tasks like insight generation rather than data cleaning.

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Data Custodians

Ingest, curate & prepare the data for AI/ML applications with centralized control.

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What Our Business Partners Have to Say

"...Data processing and scientific reporting of metabolomics data are crucial but also tedious. Polly’s range of applications helped our team in accelerating these processes significantly and effectively"

Dewakar Sangaraju, Senior Scientist; Genentech

"Extremely impressed by Polly and its power to digest and integrate large datasets. The unique partnership that we have allows us to work hand-in-hand with software engineers and scientists to rapidly develop novel hypotheses that we can test in the lab..."

Dr, Kate Yen, Founder & CEO @Auron Therapeutics

"Data analysis is the biggest bottleneck for metabolomics research. Elucidata has worked directly with us to streamline our analysis pipeline, accelerating the pace of our research."

DR. RUSSEL JONES, Lead Investigator Van Andel Institute

"We really were pleasantly surprised because this tool [El-MAVEN] is really useful in fast analysis of tracer data. It allows us to really look at a broad set of targets so you are not limited anymore for data analysis. A data analyst of mine stepped up to me and said, "I can do now in 3 hours what used to take 4 days."

Bart Ghesquière, Head of Metabolomics Core Facility @VIB

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