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Power Data-Centric Biological Discovery

Elucidata’s cloud platform Polly delivers harmonized
biomedical data to accelerate key research milestones.


Connect With the World’s Untapped Public Data

$330M therapeutic opportunity unlocked with open access, microbiome data.


Harmonize Multi-modal Biological Data

2+ targets in AML identified 75% faster with harmonized
multi-omics data.


Manage Preclinical Data on a Scalable Cloud

$1.34M saved in compute costs and 100% automation with Polly.


Press & Media

Fast Company Recognizes Elucidata as the 'Most Innovative Company in Biotech, 2024'!

Press & Media

Thrilled to announce our submission to GLBIO2024 (Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference 2024)

Title- “Oncoexporter: Conversion of NCI CRDC Data to the GA4GH Phenopacket Schema”

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Polly Makes Preclinical Data Actionable & Usable

Find the Data You Need

Filter out noise from existing scientific literature and find mission critical datasets. Match indications to targets 75% faster with access to the right data.

Our experts predict your data needs and deliver data tailored to your research.

All datasets are provided in a processed, metadata annotated and QA-ed format on Polly.

Harmonize All Your R&D Data

Transform large amounts of public or in-house biomedical data with Polly’s LLM-powered harmonization engine.

Customize the pipeline used, metadata fields annotated or data model applied to fit unique analysis needs.

Scale data harmonization to 25+ omics, assay and clinical data types.

Reduce Time to Analysis

Cut down time spent on integrating an array of data types and formats. Jump straight to analysis with harmonized, analysis-ready data.

Investigate studies at the dataset, sample and feature levels through code or native applications.

Stream Polly's Harmonized Data into your existing analytical setup with APIs.

Connect All Your Data in One Place

Centralize data stored in heterogenous systems within your organization on a singular Atlas on Polly. Promote easy findability, analysis and collaboration on data assets.

Ensure even historical data has context and is findable. Avoid duplication and having to regenerate data.

Put you experimental results in context of the wider omics landscape for a complete view of disease biology.


How Does Polly Harmonize Biomedical Data?

Polly's powerful harmonization engine processes measurements, links to ontology-backed metadata and transforms datasets into a consistent data schema.

The Polly Difference

Scale, Reliability & End-to-End Automation

Polly helps R&D teams in scaling their data science and making heterogeneous biological data 'AI-ready'. The platform has been utilized by multiple biopharma partners to harmonize millions of datasets across a variety of enterprise-grade drug discovery initiatives.

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Biomedical data harmonized every month.


Unique biological data types transformed.


Accuracy on data harmonization.


Automation of internal ETL processes.

Data Types Supported

Find the Right Use Case for Your Data

100s of Scientists
Use Polly to Fast-track their R&D.