Power data-centric biological discovery

Accelerate R&D using ML-ready biomolecular data delivered by Polly.

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Aggregate, search, curate biomolecular
data at scale

Access diverse biomolecular data for your biological questions

Polly's extensive catalog of 1.5 million ML-ready datasets lets you integrate diverse data types seamlessly in order to capture the complexity of biological systems. Optimize the utilization and management of relevant biomolecular datasets with advanced tools to power innovation.

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Maximize data discovery using FAIRified repositories

Use OmixAtlas, Polly's scalable and centralized single source of truth for biomolecular data, stored and harmonized with ontologies, Improve data searchability, ML readiness and collaboration across your organization with semantically aligned public and proprietary datasets.

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Curate data on-demand at scale using ML

Avail ML-powered curation for large-scale enterprise projects. Ingest and process data at scale using Polly's connectors, for downstream analytical workflows. Work with our team to build custom applications, dashboards, and predictive ML models to complement R&D efforts.

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Polly is a cutting-edge MLOps platform built on a modern tech stack for storing, curating and managing ML-ready biomolecular data. 

Polly's harmonization engine reduces the time spent in data wrangling

Polly's technology has transformed over 80 TB of semi-structured data on the public domain into a standardized tabular data schema. It uses proprietary NLP-based models to rapidly impute metadata with state-of-the-art ontologies and human-level accuracy.

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Polly curates labels 10 times faster than industry standards.


On average, Polly's datasets feature 4 times as many fields after being processed.


Polly achieves 100% harmonization of metadata even for datasets with a harmonization score of 2% at source.

1.5 M

Polly's technology powers harmonization of over a million biomolecular datasets.

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Empower your research with FAIR Data

Polly solutions

Polly provides comprehensive ML-based solutions to stimulate biomolecular research.

Pipeline solutions

Custom data-processing pipelines for biomolecular research.

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Curation on demand

White-glove service for curating biomolecular data for clinical & pre-clinical research.

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Web-app solutions

Tools and technologies for visualizing and analyzing biomolecular data.

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ML solutions

Leverage ML-ready biomolecular datasets to build scalable predictive models.

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Designed for data-driven teams

Polly offers solutions for professionals operating in a wide range of environments, and specializing in various domains.


Use applications, integrations & visualizations for extracting insights from data at hand.

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Explore ML-ready data on Polly programmatically for deep insights.

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Make informed decisions by breaking team silos and improving collaboration.

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Data custodians

Ingest, curate & prepare the data for AI/ML applications with centralized control.

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What our business partners have to say

"...Data processing and scientific reporting of metabolomics data are crucial but also tedious. Polly’s range of applications helped our team in accelerating these processes significantly and effectively"

Dewakar Sangaraju, Senior Scientist; Genentech

"Extremely impressed by Polly and its power to digest and integrate large datasets. The unique partnership that we have allows us to work hand-in-hand with software engineers and scientists to rapidly develop novel hypotheses that we can test in the lab..."

Dr, Kate Yen, Founder & CEO @Auron Therapeutics

"Data analysis is the biggest bottleneck for metabolomics research. Elucidata has worked directly with us to streamline our analysis pipeline, accelerating the pace of our research."

DR. RUSSEL JONES, Lead Investigator Van Andel Institute

"We really were pleasantly surprised because this tool [El-MAVEN] is really useful in fast analysis of tracer data. It allows us to really look at a broad set of targets so you are not limited anymore for data analysis. A data analyst of mine stepped up to me and said, "I can do now in 3 hours what used to take 4 days."

Bart Ghesquière, Head of Metabolomics Core Facility @VIB

Best practices for data-driven drug discovery

Enhance Biomedical Insight Generation by improving data quality

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Case Study: Accelerated Target ID  using ML-Ready Data on Polly

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