Identify Targets More Effectively With Polly

Expand your pipeline of validated targets using harmonized biomedical data on Polly.

Multi-modal Data Is Critical for Target Validation

Poor target selection is the primary cause of clinical trial failure. To identify viable targets with a high threshold of certainty, your data pool needs to be scientifically robust, sufficiently large, and multi-modality. Therefore, having access to data that is integrated, harmonized, uniformly processed, and clean is critical.

How Polly Helps?

Build a Custom, ML-ready Atlas Specific to Your Research

Develop a customized Atlas with ML-ready data for bias-free target predictions.

Create a disease-specific Atlas comprising meticulously curated data enriched with critical metadata and engineered for seamless integration into target prediction models.

Enhance prediction accuracy and mitigate bias through model training with multi-modal, harmonized datasets.

Instill confidence in your predictions by combining consistently processed samples for robust results.

Derive Expression Signatures From Relevant Cohorts

Explore healthy and patient cohorts on Polly for a comprehensive molecular profiling of the disease being studied.

Conduct gene expression analysis to uncover differentially expressed signatures specific to the disease condition.

Identify potential candidate genes by assessing their druggability scores and cross-referencing with publicly available evidence.

Validate Identified Targets With Public Data

Cross-reference your results with published evidence using curated public data delivered on Polly.

Validate target reliability by meta-analyzing relevant studies on Polly.

Evaluate targets for sensitivity, specificity, and clinical utility with rigorous statistical analysis.

The Polly Difference

Accelerate Target ID

Achieve 4X faster target identification with Polly’s high-specificity prediction using multi-omics data.

Swift Target Validation

Speed up target validation with Polly's curated public evidence, reducing clinical trial risks.

Streamline Search

Cut your dataset search time by 75% with Polly's advanced search capabilities.

Case studies

Oncology Company Achieves ~80% Acceleration in Gene Target ID/ Validation

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