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Optimizing Diagnostic Workflow: How Elucidata's Custom Solutions Accelerated Sample to Report Generation by 2X

Key Highlights

  • A San Francisco-based startup is transforming women's health by pioneering non-invasive diagnostics for menstrual health, fertility, and pregnancy. The company aims to use a Multi-omics approach for Biomarker discovery that will aid in identifying uterine diseases and creating diagnostic kits.

  • They sought to develop custom pipelines for handling and processing patient samples. They needed to build an infrastructure for pipeline execution to integrate their diverse data. The customer faced a significant hurdle in designing and developing necessary custom pipelines.

  • Elucidata's team developed and deployed a custom Bulk RNA-Seq pipeline, enabling the customer to efficiently manage their in-house data. Elucidata is also helping them build a unified server system that interfaces with various platforms and ensures efficient data storage and retrieval.

  • This helped them save ~$1.6M/year, driven by reductions in bioinformatics team FTE costs, data compute expenses, maintenance costs, and cloud storage expenditures, and also accelerated time from sample to report by 2x as compared to typical in-house servers.

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