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Elucidata Leading Innovation in Biotech - A Fast Company Recognition

Elucidata has achieved a remarkable milestone by being named the "Most Innovative Company in the Biotech Category" by Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies in 2024 list. This recognition is not just an accolade but a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation that Elucidata embodies. We are thrilled to share our journey, express our gratitude, and invite you to explore the cutting-edge solutions that have placed us at the forefront of biotechnological innovation.

*Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list is an annual compilation that celebrates organizations across various sectors for their profound contributions to their industries and society at large.

The Most Innovative Companies list by Fast Company is recognized globally as a high standard of achievement, celebrating companies that are at the forefront of their respective industries, driving remarkable advancements and transformations.

Elucidata's recognition by Fast Company is anchored in its pioneering approach to leveraging data science and AI in biotechnology, offering innovative solutions that accelerate drug discovery, streamline research processes, and unlock new insights into complex biological data. Our commitment to innovation has not only positioned us as leaders in our industry but has also enabled our customers and partners to achieve remarkable outcomes in their projects and research endeavors. Read more here!

Our mission at Elucidata is to accelerate the pace of discovery in the life sciences through our state-of-the-art data harmonization platform- Polly.

By integrating advanced computational strategies with biological insights, we empower researchers and organizations to unlock the full potential of their data, facilitating breakthroughs in drug discovery, disease understanding, and therapeutic development.

Problem Statement

There is trillions of TBs of life sciences data available. But all that data is not usable. A scientist can spend anywhere from days to weeks per month in getting their data ready for analysis. At Elucidata, we’re flipping this 80-20 ratio by building technology to harmonize biomedical data and make them ML-Ready. Elucidata’s data harmonization platform- Polly, is designed to deliver richly curated biomolecular data prepared for machine learning applications.

How Does Polly by Elucidata Harmonize Data?

Polly's powerful harmonization engine processes measurements, links to harmonized metadata and transforms them into a Unified Data Model. By doing so, it accelerates downstream analysis by ~24 times. The data harmonization process completes metadata annotations with 99.99% accuracy and annotates them with 30+ metadata fields. All data is checked for quality and completeness with around 50 QA/QC checks ensuring pristine quality data. The machine learning algorithms ensure uniformity across data formats, structures, and semantics making it fit for downstream analysis.  

Polly's Harmonization Engine

Besides, Elucidata supports over 25+ multi-modal data types from in-house sources and also from 30+ public repositories. We also offer tailored solutions for Early-stage R&D, Precision Medicine Diagnostics, Research Informatics and Translational Research markets - Achieve faster R&D outcomes, unlock cost and time efficiencies, break data silos or scale cloud infrastructure for growth! Here’s a list of solutions in addition to Data Harmonization on Polly:

  • Pipeline Development
    Build data processing pipelines customized to your data and analysis requirements.
  • ML Solutions
    Extract deeper insights from data at hand by using Polly’s extensive suite of ML solutions.
  • Data Visualization
    Develop web-applications and custom dashboards to analyze and visualize harmonized data on Polly.
  • Bioinformatic Analysis
    Match indications to target, predict biomarkers, compare signatures, perform meta-analysis, and more using harmonized data and custom solutions on Polly.
  • Data Management at Scale
    Polly dynamically scales compute resources in response to varying data volumes and pipeline complexities, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing costs.

Whether you are a researcher seeking to unravel the complexities of biological systems or a biotech firm aiming to expedite your drug development process, Elucidata offers the tools and expertise to transform your vision into reality. Our platform is designed to streamline research workflows, enhance data analysis, and drive efficiency, thereby accelerating the path from data to discovery. Polly by Elucidata is trusted by some of the world’s leading Biopharma players including- Pfizer, Exelexis, Lilly, Bristol Myers Squibb, Stanford, Janssen and more.

In conclusion, being recognized as the Most Innovative Company in the Biotech Category by Fast Company is a momentous occasion for Elucidata. It reaffirms our commitment to innovation, excellence, and making a tangible impact in the world of biotechnology. We are deeply grateful for this honor and motivated more than ever to continue our work at the cutting edge of science and technology. You can take a look at the full list here.

To learn more about how Elucidata can transform your research and development efforts, visit our website, book a demo, or email us at

Let's innovate together, for a healthier tomorrow!

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