Discover & Harmonize Public Biomedical Data

We filter out noise from existing scientific
literature, so you can find datasets critical to your research.

How This Works?

Find Datasets in a Fraction of Time

Use Polly’s Data Concierge service to streamline access to high-quality data, specific to your biological questions.

Define your inclusion criteria, analysis needs, and data processing requirements; and let our experts do the heavy lifting.

Annotate, QC and Process as per Your Specifications

Consistently process (includes quality control, normalization & alignment) all datasets with bioinformatics pipelines of choice. Make all datasets comparable & interoperable.

Ensure each dataset is contextualized and queryable, i.e. mapped with ontology-backed metadata at study, sample and feature levels.

Explore & Analyze On or Off Polly

Slice & dice harmonized data on Polly with a robust graphical user interface, code or native applications.

Stream harmonized data to your existing analytical set-ups. With Polly’s APIs, you can unlock unrestricted data connectivity with your preferred computational platforms.

We Work with a Variety of Public Sources

Request for high-impact studies from a vast number of public or licensed sources.

Bank on our Expert Success Team

White Glove Service

Embed our experts and technology within your R&D team for streamlined delivery of high-quality public data. Never miss an important dataset or project deadline again.

Dedicated Expertise

Leverage decades of combined experience of our Solutions Architects in ML, biocuration and bioinformatics to get the most out of your harmonized data.

Focused R&D Support

Work with our team to develop customized solutions like knowledge graphs, ML classifiers or dashboards to extract deeper insights from the data at hand.

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