Curate & Manage In-house Biomedical Data on Polly

R&D teams grapple with heterogeneous, unstructured data distributed in several isolated systems . Harmonize, integrate & store data across your enterprise on a central Atlas on Polly.

How This Works?

Curate Enterprise Data at Scale

Deploy Polly’s scalable harmonization engine on various data modalities and an array of enterprise-scale curation projects.

Take control of historical data and ensure new data is right from the start. Polly enables consistent data pre-processing & metadata tagging on all incoming data assets.

Your Data, Modelled Your Way

Validate & harmonize metadata across studies and ensure it conforms to a data model your define. Enforce schema, allowed values and rulesets for metadata tagging to preserve data integrity.

Implement controlled vocabulary across all your data assets to improve team wide accessibility.

Host ML-ready Data on a Polly Atlas

Store and integrate your proprietary data along with public studies of interest on a centralized repository.

Easily consume, share and collaborate on ML-ready data within your organization in real-time. Alternatively, stream data to a computational platform of your choice for further analysis.

Polly’s Technology Scales to a Variety of Biomedical Data Types

25+ omics, bioassay and clinical data types can be harmonized and integrated with Polly’s Harmonization.

Bulk RNA-seq

Single Cell




Bulk RNA-seq

Single Cell





Deploy Polly on your Cloud

Deploy your Polly instance on a dedicated private cloud for improved security and meeting compliance requirements.

Enterprise Grade Security

Ensures enterprise-grade security by preventing unauthorized access to your assets, cloud encryption of data (storage & in-transit), frequent security audits & patches.

Manage Access & Permissions

Give managers control and users the appropriate level of access they need with role-based access control. Minimize vulnerabilities &  data breaches with customizable policies.

White Glove Support

Reach out to your dedicated account manager to resolve issues, upgrades, and customization requests on-priority resolution.

Looking To Kick Start Your Project With Data?

Learn how Polly can support your data curation & management needs.

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