All visualizations at a single space

Glance at all your results together. Drawing inferences are easier when you don’t have to juggle between your results windows. PollyTM uses a single screen to visualize the metabolic pathway, natural abundance corrected intensities, Quantification values, Pool Total, Fractional Enrichment, etc.

Go back and forth in your analysis

Hop back to ElMaven or Sample QC screen seamlessly after assessing the visualizations. Iterating over ambiguous peaks and samples has never been faster. Repeat until your results make sense.

Share your work with co-workers

Once you’re done you can invite your colleagues to see any part of your analysis on the interface itself. They’ll be able to review and make changes too, but only if you want them to!

Vendor Neutral

We support all the major mass spectrometry vendors, including SCIEX, Thermo, Waters, and Agilent.

Relative LCMS-MS

PollyPhiTM Relative

LCMS Relative flux (φ) workflow for cell metabolism


PollyTM MetScape Workflow

Raw data to differential expression visualisation for unlabelled LCMS data


PollyTM IsoCorrect

Natural abundance correction for labeling studies


PollyTM QuantFit

Absolute quantification for metabolomics data


PollyTM IntOmix

Integrative omics to identify vital metabolic subnetworks


PollyPhiTM Translator

File format convertor


PollyTM MetScape

Differential expression visualisation for unlabelled metabolomics


PollyTM MetScout

Intensity file visualisation dashboard


PollyTM LCMS Dashboard

Pathway visualisation dashboard for labelled MS data

Relative LCMS-MS

PollyPhiTM Relative

Pathway metabolic flux quantification for time course 13C labelled LCMS/MS data


PollyTM IsoPeak

Raw mass spec data processor for metabolomic studies


PollyTM QuickCheck

Sample quality check dashboard