Overcome Data Hurdles in Drug Discovery!

  • Your R&D team will be able to derive deeper Insights quickly with access to over 50k RNA-Seq datasets from about 8 public sources.
  • Accuracy & collaboration across your R&D team will be improved after getting an in-depth look at how to find curated datasets quickly that are relevant to your research.
  • A tailored approach to tackle your data challenges in preclinical R&D.

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What Our Partners Have to Say

...Data processing and scientific reporting of metabolomics data are crucial but also tedious. Polly’s range of applications helped our team in accelerating these processes significantly and effectively

Dewakar Sangaraju, Senior Scientist; Genentech

"Extremely impressed by Polly and its power to digest and integrate large datasets the unique partnership that we have allows us to work hand-in-hand with software engineers and scientists to rapidly develop novel hypotheses that we can test in the lab..."

Dr, Kate Yen, Founder & CEO @Auron Therapeutics

"Data analysis is the biggest bottleneck for metabolomics research. Elucidata has worked directly with us to streamline our analysis pipeline, accelerating the pace of our research."

DR. RUSSEL JONES, Lead Investigator Van Andel Institute