Harmonize & Curate GEO Datasets with Polly

Polly delivers pristine quality GEO datasets that are harmonized with a configurable, granular, and transparent curation process.


Searching Data on Polly vs. GEO: A Comparative Analysis

Polly curates and harmonizes datasets from GEO and improves findability for relevant datasets by up to 83%.


Fast-track Time to Insight with Harmonized GEO Datasets

Polly harmonizes datasets from GEO to achieve ~80% acceleration in gene target identification and validation.



Polly Makes Data from GEO Actionable & Usable

Use our custom curation and Data Concierge services, to streamline access to the most relevant datasets from GEO.

Define your inclusion criteria, analysis needs, and data processing requirements; and let our experts do the heavy lifting.

Leverage Polly’s harmonization engine to meticulously curate, process, and harmonize data at high throughput.

Polly retrieves datasets from GEO, processes them with customized pipelines (Kallisto, STAR, and Salmon), and annotates them with over 30+ metadata fields at the dataset, sample level, and feature levels, making them ML-ready.

The datasets also go through ~50 QA/QC checks for schema compliance, metadata validation, technical artifacts, and more, for pristine quality data.

Harmonized GEO datasets are stored on an Atlas on Polly for further exploration with code or GUI-based search & analysis.

Perform metadata-based exploration or check for differential expression across datasets using popular tools like Phantasus and CellxGene hosted on Polly.

Work with our experts to develop interactive, custom dashboards to deep-dive into data for better insights.

How Does Polly Harmonize GEO Datasets?

Polly's powerful harmonization engine processes measurements, links to ontology-backed metadata, and transforms datasets into a consistent data schema.

The Polly Difference

GEO v/s Polly

Only about 3% of GEO datasets have been curated retrospectively. The bulk of GEO publications lack standardized metadata, use inconsistent protocols for processing raw data, and are not machine-readable.  Polly’s Harmonization Engine transforms these semi-structured GEO publications into 'ML-ready' datasets. Polly delivers GEO datasets that are rich in metadata, processed consistently, and quality-controlled to ensure maximum integrity.

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Of the datasets are consistently processed.


Times as much metadata after harmonization.


Metadata fields annotated on every dataset.


Decrease in time spent on data curation.

Snapshot of a Polly Harmonized Dataset

Compare a harmonized dataset on Polly with un-annotated data from GEO.

Why Choose Polly to Access GEO Datasets?

Customizable Harmonization

Access to ML-ready GEO datasets harmonized according to your specifications.

Polly Verified Data Quality

Find consistently processed GEO datasets enriched with ~30 metadata fields and ~50 QA checks.

Data Audits

Work with our experts to find relevant GEO datasets based on your inclusion-exclusion criteria.

Native Applications

Analyze and visualize datasets from GEO with integrated analysis tools on Polly like Phantasus.

Unmatched Support

Work with our experts to customize curation or build analysis tools and dashboards for deeper analysis of GEO datasets.

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Oncology Company Achieves ~80% Acceleration in Gene Target ID/ Validation

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Cutting- Edge Cancer Tx Accelerated Target ID by 75% using ML & Curated Biomolecular Data

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