Use Cases

Polly for Data Custodians

Centralize the management of enterprise data on Polly.

Solutions for Data Custodians

Deploy Privately

Easily Deploy Within Your AWS Account

Import, sync, and manage proprietary data and workflows privately and securely on your AWS infrastructure. Ensure that only trusted entities can access assets in the virtual private cloud.

Break Silos

Break Down Silos & Ensure Collaboration

Biomolecular data generated across multiple R&D teams in an organization needs to be structured and managed to promote collaboration, easy data findability, and searchability. Polly solves these issues by harmonizing varied data types distributed across heterogeneous systems in your organization and hosting it on a centralized repository.

Enhance Data Quality

Improve the Quality of Your Data Assets

Allow your team to focus on analysis and interpretation rather than data wrangling by automating data ingestion, harmonisation, processing, and preparation. Work with our expert team to gain access to high-quality, harmonised data that has been curated based on your specific data needs.

Key Features

AWS Deployment

Access and consume data and services on Polly through a logically isolated virtual network that you define.

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Fine-grained Access Control

Seamlessly integrated permissions set to give laboratory managers control and ensure users have the access they need.

Extensive Data Catalog

Access over 1.5 million curated biomolecular datasets from OmixAtlas consisting of structured omics and non-omics data and metadata.