Accelerate R&D with Highest Quality Data and Custom Solutions on Polly

Polly’s harmonized multi-modal biomedical data (Omics, Assay, and Clinical) and suite of IND-enabling solutions are designed to help R&D teams expedite their journey toward clinical trials.

Polly Makes Preclinical Data Actionable & Usable

Polly harmonizes multi-source and multi-modal data to accelerate time to insight, for multi-disciplinary R&D teams. Polly’s powerful harmonization engine processes measurements, links to harmonized metadata, and transforms them into a Unified Data Model. Expedite scientific outcomes with Polly’s diverse suite of custom solutions for bioinformatics analysis, visualization, pipeline development, and AI/ML services.

Accelerate Path to Clinic with Polly

Harmonize Multi-modal, Multi-source Data for Faster Insights

Polly harmonizes public and in-house data with a configurable, granular, and transparent curation process, to accelerate downstream analysis by ~24x.

99.99% Metadata Accuracy

Polly’s datasets come with 99.99% accuracy and have ontology-backed metadata for 30+ fields.

100% Metadata Completeness

Polly delivers datasets with 100% metadata completeness and 0 empty metadata fields.

Gold-standard Data Quality

Polly ensures highest quality data by performing a rigorous ~50 steps QA/QC check for each dataset.

Build High Throughput & Cost-efficient Data Processing Pipelines

Build data processing pipelines customized to your data and analysis requirements.

Ready-to-use ETL Pipelines

Pick from a suite of 30+ scientifically validated bioinformatics pipelines to process a host of multi-omics data types.

Custom Pipelines for Tailored Use

Use our expertise to develop and deploy customized pipelines tailored to your omics data type & analysis requirements.

Optimize Cost and Time

Run complex, multi-threaded pipelines and reduce time taken to process high throughput data by 50% in a cost-effective manner.

Derive Faster Insights and Accelerate Discoveries

Extract deeper insights from data at hand by using Polly’s extensive suite of ML solutions.

Drive Successful ML-initiatives for 75% Faster Insights

Build, fine-tune, train, and deploy foundational ML models on top of your own harmonized data.

Unlock Powerful Bioinformatics Use-cases

Match indications to target, predict biomarkers, compare signatures, perform meta-analysis and cell type annotation, and more using harmonized data and custom solutions on Polly.

Seasoned Drug-hunting Experts

Work with our domain experts to perform metadata-based exploration, differential expression, build knowledge graphs, develop interactive dashboards, etc., to deep-dive into data for robust insights.

Analyze & Visualize Harmonized Data on Polly

Develop web-applications and custom dashboards to analyze and visualize harmonized data on Polly.

Visualize Data With Native Apps Integrations

Use native web-apps integrated on Polly- like Phantasus or CellxGene to analyse and visualize an array of data on the fly.

Stream Data Into Applications of Choice

Polly structures data into an extendable data model that can be streamed into your application of choice like Spotfire, Tableu or any existing analytical setup.

Build, Deploy and Maintain Custom Apps or Dashboards

Work with our experts to build or customize a production-ready, scientifically validated application that caters to your research needs.

Polly Difference

Why Polly?

Data Quality

Access highest quality multi-modal and multi-source data on Polly- harmonized to 99% metadata accuracy and completeness, linked with ontology-backed metadata at dataset, sample / cell, and feature levels.

Data Concierge

Leverage Polly’s Data Concierge services to run and query Polly’s metadata-annotated corpus to locate datasets of interest that best match your inclusion/exclusion criteria- all within minutes.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Enhance operational efficiency and reduce time for downstream analysis like target IDs, biomarker predictions, meta-analysis etc., with our 100+ experts in curation, NLP, bioinformatics and data engineering.

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