Use Cases

Polly for Biologists

Polly equips biologists with the biomolecular data they need to accelerate scientific discovery.

Solutions to Power Data-driven Translational Research

Discover Datasets Quickly

Find Relevant Datasets With a Few Clicks

Discover datasets relevant to your research interests within seconds, by using contextual filters and free-text search on a no-code interface. Datasets on Polly are enriched with metadata that is harmonized using state-of-the-art ontologies, boosting their discoverability.

Curate Data on-Demand

On-demand Data Curation

Request curated data from your preferred public or proprietary sources. Using Polly's infrastructure, you can convert heterogeneous data into ML-ready formats.

Curate, label, and process data as per your specifications.

Evaluate datasets effortlessly with comprehensive metadata summaries on an OmixAtlas.

Generate Deeper Insights

Extract Deeper Insights From Data at Hand

Use Polly's ML-ready data library to supplement your analysis with a variety of curated data types and samples.

Reduce the friction of combining diverse samples in order to generate high-confidence hypotheses.

Use a set of GUI based applications, or custom dashboards to analyze heterogenous data types.

Features for Biologists

Access Latest Studies

OmixAtlas delivers the latest datasets relevant to your research by synchronising frequently with source repositories.

Request a Dataset

Add datasets relevant to your project on an Enterprise OmixAtlas. Specify metadata curation requirements that are specific to the data type being requested.

Enhanced Data Exposure

Narrow down relevant datasets with the help of filters, free-text search and comprehensive metadata summaries.

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