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Polly for Leadership

A data-centric platform for multi-disciplinary R&D teams in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Polly Leadership

Enterprise Solutions for Data-driven Discovery

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Break Silos

Manage All Your Data Under One Roof

Biomolecular data generated by multiple R&D teams within an organisation must be organised and managed in order to promote collaboration, easy data findability, and searchability. Polly resolves these issues by harmonising heterogeneous data distributed across an organization's various systems and hosting it in a centralised repository.

Be Data-Driven

Scale Up Your Data Science

Our cloud infrastructure enables you to scale up the ingestion, transformation, and hosting of various data types distributed throughout your enterprise. FAIRify enterprise data with a centralised data and metadata tag system that ensures all assets adhere to the internal data model.

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buyers personas leadership
Unleash ML

Set Up Successful AI Initiatives

Utilize Polly's cutting-edge technology stack to enable successful AI initiatives such as resurrecting complex legacy data, standardising AI models, and expediting research outcomes. We help data-driven research teams make the most of their available assets by providing expertise in data processing, management, curation, and computing/cloud infrastructure.

Built for Enterprises

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Secure Enterprise Data

Polly ensures enterprise-grade data security, compliance and good practices, encryption of data (storage & in-transit), periodic security audits & patches.

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Enterprise Grade Support

Our Customer Success team help you every step of the way with scaling, research design, customized solutions, and more.

access latest data

Access Latest Data

Enable your teams with the latest harmonized data from public repositories.

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