Streamline Processing of Petabytes of Biomedical Data with Polly

Reduce the time and effort spent in interpreting omics and clinical data with production-ready bioinformatics pipelines, hosted on Polly’s scalable and robust infrastructure.

Process Data 50% Faster and Upto 5x Cheaper than Alternatives

Seamlessly process and analyze large volumes of raw data from biological experiments (population genomics, sequencing, etc.) with Elucidata’s robust and scalable data processing infrastructure. Build, deploy and maintain pipelines designed specifically to accommodate your research objectives.

Infrastructure that Automatically Scales with Your Data

Access large machines on demand and spin up multiple compute instances in parallel. Process upto 50,000 samples a week using parallel processing with Nextflow on Polly. Achieve unprecedented speed and large volumes of processed data with Polly’s scalable infrastructure!

Robust Data Processing

Polly offers comprehensive audit trails to effectively monitor each pipeline run. Achieve low run time errors with our robust and reliable infrastructure. Unlock 100X higher processing capacity on Polly vs internal infrastructure. Get a custom pipeline or pick from 30+ production-grade bioinformatics pipelines deployed on Polly.

Custom-built to Fit Your Needs

Leverage our expert bioinformatics and data engineering services to build new pipelines and customize existing pipelines to include custom modules. Polly supports multiple languages including Nextflow, R, BASH, etc. Securely deploy pipelines in any infrastructure of choice.

Automate End-to-end Data Management

Ingest, transform, and curate data at scale with Polly's harmonization engine. Automate your data flow to increase throughput & speed. Orchestrate identifier mapping, quality checks, and a whole gamut of data pre-processing steps. Automatically map processed datasets with critical metadata and enforce a schema.

Why Polly?

50% Faster Data

Polly’s robust infrastructure allows you to process upto 50,000 samples per week. Run 1000s of instances in parallel using our Nextflow integration. Process petabytes of omics and clinical data in 50% less run time compared to internal servers.

Upto 5x Lower Cost of Processing Data

Work with data engineering and bioinformatics experts to optimize standard and custom pipelines to reduce processing costs. Auto-scale the compute infrastructure as per your requirements and only pay for instances you use.

One Platform for
Multi-modal Data

Polly’s infrastructure supports 30+ pipelines across modalities. These include mRNA, scRNA-seq (Cell Ranger), miRNA, 16s Microbiome, Bulk RNA-seq (Kallisto / STAR), Proteomics (Maxquant), Exome variant calling, scRNA-seq and scATACseq (multiome), and Metabolomics (LCMS targeted)

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Case studies

100% Automation and Cost Saving of ~$1.34M in Single-cell Data Compute and Processing

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Case studies

Polly Delivers STAR Quality Data at High Throughput and 5x Lower Cost

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