Elucidata x Hookipa: 7x Faster Insights In Translational Research With Polly

Key Highlights

  • Hookipa Pharmaceuticals is a Boston-based clinical-stage therapeutics company focused on developing developing cancer and infectious disease therapeutics.
  • They wanted to analyze clinical assay data for translational research. However, as data was sourced from multiple vendors it was unharmonized and voluminous. This analysis and management of data laborious and resource-intensive.
  • To address these challenges, Elucidata developed an end-to-end solution to harmonize metadata across all molecular and clinical data-types, integrate patient metadata with assay data and build a custom dashboard for visualizing data across multiple patients and assays.
  • By leveraging Polly, scientists could accelerate time to analysis by 7X, from one week to one day, save more than 1000 hours on manual data curation and enhance to quality of translational research to support outcomes like patient stratification.

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