Advance Precision Diagnostics With Polly

Polly helps you scale to meet demand, grow your portfolio of assays, and expand your global reach with better operational efficiency and controlled costs.

Go from Sample to Report in Record Time with Polly

Host, run, and manage end-to-end diagnostics workflows on Polly’s scalable cloud. Use our expertise to optimize existing workflows, improve turnaround times, and keep costs per sample low.

How Does Polly Help?

Migrate from Local to the Cloud

Transition assays from local systems to Polly’s cloud. Upload, run & monitor diagnostic workflows with a performant UI or code.

Automate Sample Ingestion

Connect to sequencing facilities, Basespace, AWS, GCP, and Azure for streamlined sample ingestion and eliminate manual data handling.

Flexible Workflow Upload

Upload workflows in any language like Snakemake or Nextflow to Polly, ensuring easy integration and adaptability.

Reliable Infrastructure

Ensure stable assay execution with Polly's dependable infrastructure, minimizing run time errors and maximizing productivity.

Scale Resources on Demand

Polly dynamically scales compute resources in response to varying data volumes and pipeline complexities, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing costs.

Parallel Processing Power

Harness the power of parallel processing using Nextflow, reducing run time and cost per sample.

Customized Resource Allocation

Define CPU and memory resources precisely suited to your processing requirements.

Optimized Storage

Store intermediate files, processed samples, and final reports directly on Polly. Say goodbye to unnecessary storage and data transfer costs associated with rudimentary cloud/local setup.

Deploy to Your Cloud or In-house Servers

Take control of your diagnostics environment with Polly's flexible deployment options.

Personalized Deployment

Deploy diagnostics workflows to your personal VPC, with compatibility across leading cloud providers like GCP, AWS, Azure, and more.

Granular Access Control

Give managers control and users the appropriate level of access they need with role-based access control. Minimize vulnerabilities & data breaches with customizable policies.

Robust Security

Polly ensures enterprise-grade security by preventing unauthorized access to your assets, cloud encryption of data (storage & in-transit), frequent security audits & patches.

Expert Services to Optimize & Scale

Leverage our expertise to construct tailored diagnostics workflows unique to your research problem.

Pipeline Code Optimization

Fine-tune your pipeline code to run at scale with faster turnaround times and at low costs.


From bug fixes, security updates to machine configurations, leave routine maintenance to our engineers.

Web-app Hosting

Visualize and analyze assay reports with customized web apps built and deployed on Polly.

Why Polly?

Reduce Cost per

Enjoy at least 50% lower cost/ sample, regardless of high throughput or increased pipeline complexity. Meet compute heavy demands without cost and scale constraints.

Fast-track Processing
Run Time

Accelerate your workflows, from samples to reports in record time. Polly reduces processing run time by 50% in comparison to typical in-house servers.

Get to Market

Scale operations to new geographies and markets 3x faster with Polly. Ensure your diagnostic pipelines are production-ready and run reliably for your partners with 0 run-time errors.

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Achieving 100% Automation and Seamless Scalability with a Cost Saving of ~$1.34M in Single-cell Data Compute and Processing

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