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100% Automation and Cost Saving of ~$1.34M in Single-cell Data Compute and Processing

Key Highlights

  • A US-based cancer diagnostics company sought to leverage proprietary data to identify diagnostic markers for AML.
  • They wanted to streamline their data management workflow, from ingestion, preprocessing, and curation to insight generation, for raw Single Cell Multiome (scRNA + scATAC) data.
  • Major challenges included the lack of templatized solutions for single-cell multiome data ingestion, processing and storage, the large size of each dataset, and the lack of infrastructure to draw effective insights from this data.
  • Elucidata’s partnership offered them a well-rounded solution to their problems by offering customized pipelines, a robust, flexible and scalable compute infrastructure, and a tailor-made web app to support their data workflow end-to-end.

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