Harmonizing Multi-modal Biomedical Data

Learn how data on Polly is integrated, harmonized, uniformly processed and made ‘ML-ready’.

Polly’s Harmonization Engine

Polly's powerful harmonization engine processes measurements, links to harmonized metadata and transforms them into a Unified Data Model.

How Polly Helps?

Gold-standard for Data Quality

Mapped with ontology-backed metadata at dataset, sample / cell, and feature levels. 99% accuracy and metadata completeness. All labels are human-readable, searchable, and relevant to the disease biology being studied.

Customizable Curation Engine

Built on a powerful, customizable curation engine that transforms various kinds of omics, assay and clinical data into a high-quality, ML-ready resource. Customize the pipeline in which your data is processed, metadata harmonized or data model applied.

Scalable Infrastructure for Large Scale Data Processing

Harmonizing molecular data requires unprecedented scale in terms of technology and the computational power required. Polly ingests and processes over 35 TBs of molecular data every month. Our purpose-built infrastructure ensures secure storage and real-time data processing, enabling swift analysis for faster target discoveries.

Snapshot of a Polly Harmonized Dataset

Compare a harmonized dataset on Polly with un-annotated data from the source publication.

The Polly Difference

Polly’s Harmonization Engine

Polly's harmonization engine has driven ML readiness for millions of datasets.

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ETL pipelines built for multi modality biological data.


Datasets processed and curated across projects.


Samples per day processed and harmonized.


Faster with LLM-powered harmonization.

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