Unlock ML-powered Drug Discovery

Empower your team of bioinformaticians with more than 1.5 million ML-ready datasets. Set up successful AI initiatives & accelerate scientific outcomes.

ML Solutions to Power Asset Discovery

Leverage More than 1.5 Million ML-ready Datasets

Adopt a data-centric approach by leveraging Polly's ML-ready data catalog and accelerate scientific outcomes.

Build and deploy proprietary ML models for use cases like target identification, biomarker discovery & more using ML-ready data on Polly.

Stream ML-ready data from Polly to computational platforms of choice for AI/ML based analysis.

Harness the Synergy of ML and Multi-omics

Polly's team comprises world-class experts from the fields of ML and biotechnology who have successfully worked on 40+ projects.

Leverage our ML expertise to build and deploy proprietary ML models.

Reduce time taken to analyze curated data using global ML models on Polly.

Perform Integrated Multi-omics Analysis

Access Polly's extensive multi-omics database and make inferences using knowledge graphs, aided by a suite of tools.

Access data in an easily interpretable, integrated way through Polly’s data browser built on knowledge graphs. 

Address data heterogeneity in multi modal data spanning transcriptomics, proteomics, genomics, phenomics, drug pharmacology, and ontological information using knowledge graphs.

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