Power Data-centric Biological Discovery with Polly’s Data Ecosystem

An end-to-end data ecosystem that enables biopharma enterprises go from data to insights.

Drive Successful Data Initiatives in Biopharma with Polly

Break data silos with Polly’s end-to-end technology that transforms multi-modal, multi-source data into a Unified Data Model. Simplify the process of working with multi-modal biological data and enable diverse data stakeholders. Derive better and faster insights, for accelerated R&D outcomes while realizing data efficiencies and managing costs.

Elucidata’s Data Ecosystem

Scalable & Accurate Harmonization Technology

Polly's powerful harmonization engine wrangles 35TBs of data/month by processing measurements, linking to harmonized metadata and transforming into Unified Data Model.

Automated Curation With GPT and BERT

10X faster curation with LLM-powered Harmonization Engine.

Human-in-the-loop Curation Model to Ensure Pristine Data Quality

100+ Experts in curation, NLP, data engineering, & bioinformatics .

Data Quality That You Can Trust

99.99% accurate data delivered with robust QA/QC.

Time to Analysis Fast-tracked with the Unified Data Model

Make data from disparate sources interoperable & analysis-ready with our datatype-agnostic data model.

Break Data Silos

Seamlessly integrate disparate, multi-modal, multi-source data into a Unified Data Model.

Manage Data Complexity With Ease

Save hours spent on wrangling longitudinal data from 1000s of patients and access ML-ready datasets on your finger-tips!

Efficient Data Retrieval Processes and Interoperability

Execute queries on 1 billion rows in under 2 mins and search through TBs of datasets in under 8 seconds.

Achieve 99.99% Accuracy and Metadata Completeness

Mapped with ontology-backed metadata at dataset, sample / cell, and feature levels. All labels are human-readable, searchable, and relevant to the disease biology being studied.

Granular Cell Type Annotations

Enhance your understanding of cellular composition, function, and interactions within complex biological systems.

Customized Curation

Customize the pipeline in which your data is processed, metadata harmonized or data model applied.

Quality Transparent

~50 robust QA/QC checks. Assess the intrinsic data quality with comprehensive QA reports.

Trust in Polly's Commitment to Security

Polly and its allied solutions adhere to the most rigorous industry standards and assist you in achieving compliance with our solutions.

Data Privacy and Protection

Get complete ownership and control over your data export, edit, retention, and storage. We employ AES 256 Encryption at rest and SSL/TLS in transit.

Compliance and Organization

Polly is SOC 2 Type 2 attested and AWS FTR approved. Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration (VAPT) tests are conducted by unbiased third parties are conducted biannually every year.

User Access & Product Security

Role-based access control system (RBAC) on Polly. Backend access management is facilitated through AWS IAM services.

Why Polly?


Our trifecta of technology, processes and personnel ramps up data curation 10X while delivering 99.99% accurate data. Polly processes 35TBs of data from 25+ different datatypes every month.


The quality of data we deliver is customizable, granular & transparent. Each dataset is custom processed and annotated, 100% specific to your questions, and supplemented with QA/QC reports.

ML-ops Infra

Outsource ML-ops work - DevOps, data quality assurance, support to our experts. We offer a malleable cloud friendly technology that can seamlessly fit into your R&D ecosystem.

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Pharma-AI Collaboration Drives ~$3M Cost Reduction by Using Highly Curated Public Data

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