Elucidata x Celsius: Building End-to-end Single-cell Infra for 4x Faster Insights

Key Highlights

  • Celsius- a Boston based biotech company, focused on leveraging single-cell RNA sequencing and machine learning to develop precision therapies for various complex inflammatory diseases.
  • They faced challenges with finding the right datasets, ensuring data quality, and building a robust and scalable infrastructure to store and analyze large-volumes of single-cell data.
  • Elucidata closely collaborated with their team over the last 4 years on building their end-to-end single-cell infrastructure for generating biological insights, providing high-quality single-cell datasets and data engineering expertise.
  • With our engineering expertise and deep domain expertise in single-cell, Elucidata helped Celsius bring 4x faster insights through a robust ML-infrastructure that put high data quality at its forefront.

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