Drive Industry Leading Initiatives with Polly’s AI Solutions

Make life-sciences data AI-ready and build a solid foundation for your AI strategy with our data harmonization technology and ML-ops expertise.

How Polly Makes Your Enterprise AI-ready?

Build a robust and scalable tech-stack for AI in life-sciences by selecting, fine-tuning, and deploying models on the foundation of 100% harmonized enterprise data. Effectively harness cutting-edge foundational models and accelerate time to insights using our suite of tech-enabled solutions.

Identifying the Right Use-cases

Translate research goals of diverse teams into enterprise-wide AI use-cases. Identify the best use-cases for high confidence AI models based on your data and biological questions of interest. Generate hypotheses using AI models for gene expression, cell annotation, patient stratification, and more!

Creating High Quality Datasets

Convert siloed data from various sources (CROs, trials, public repositories) into AI-ready formats through Polly’s Harmonization Engine. Train models with abundant, consistently processed, 100% annotated and QC-ed datasets to outperform targets. Each dataset on Polly undergoes preprocessing, involving artifact removal and the correction of data distribution biases to meet quality gold-standards.

Defining AI Architecture

One size does not fit all! Polly’s Unified Data Model provides the framework for enterprises to build and power the right architecture, fit for their AI initiatives. Work with our domain experts to guide your AI infrastructure, fine-tune LLMs, and build bioinformatics tools and user-interfaces fit for enterprise-wide users.

Fine-tuning ML models

Leverage Elucidata’s AI expertise to fine-tune models for your use-cases and increase model accuracy by 40%. Our experts help you select the right training dataset for fine-tuning foundational models and continuously evaluate hallucinations to improve confidence level of results.

Deployment & Monitoring

Deploy on secure cloud and continuously monitor AI models using our tech-enabled services. Our regular performance checks and expert-led fine-tuning ensure robust outcomes for AI initiatives. Our ML-ops experts off-load routine model QC and enhancements so that enterprises can focus on ground-breaking insights.

Why Polly?

Paramount Data Quality

The quality of data we deliver is customizable, granular & transparent. Each dataset is custom processed and annotated, 100% specific to your questions, and supplemented with QA/QC reports.

Expert ML-ops Services

Outsource ML-ops work - DevOps, data quality assurance, support to our experts. We offer a malleable cloud friendly technology that can seamlessly fit into your R&D ecosystem.


Build the foundations of a robust and scalable AI-strategy for Biopharma with Elucidata. Our trifecta of technology, processes and personnel helps large enterprises scale seamlessly while generating high-confidence results.

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