Advance Translational Research with Polly

Facilitate biomarker discovery, inform trial design, or develop personalized treatment strategies with analysis-ready precision health data, harmonized using Polly.

Derive Actionable Insights from Precision Health Data

Translational teams struggle to keep up with the deluge of data from assays and ongoing clinical trials. Polly harmonizes these disconnected datasets, connects phenotypic and molecular data, and accelerates time to analysis exponentially. Streamline the transition from targets to clinical development more effectively.

How Does Polly Help?

Harmonize Multi-source, Multi-modal Data

Reduce time spent on manual data wrangling. Ingest, clean, and harmonize diverse data 10X faster with an LLM-powered harmonization engine.

Automate Data Ingestion

Connect to ELNs or Cloud Solutions for streamlined data ingestion, and eliminate manual data transfers.

Capture & Link with Metadata

Annotate every input dataset with relevant clinical metadata and ensure it adheres to a predefined schema.

Add Custom Ontologies

Align data & metadata with ontologies or vocabulary of choice facilitating precise integration and queries.

Centralize Data on Polly to Effortlessly Query and Analyze

Integrate data from all labs, trials, or assay platforms on Polly. Ensure information is up to date and refreshed as trials unfold.

Integrate Clinical, Omics, and Assay Data

Ensure patient-level connection across data from each trial, assay, molecular profile, and timepoint.

Unified Storage Architecture

Use Polly’s ‘Unified Data Model’ to store diverse data types within a single relational database, optimizing storage efficiency.

API-powered Accessibility

Enable seamless access and queries over this harmonized, integrated data with APIs.

Manage & Collaborate on Polly’s Secure Cloud

Advance translational programs with confidence in Polly’s secure cloud-based infrastructure.

Robust Security

Polly ensures enterprise-grade security by preventing unauthorized access to your assets, cloud encryption of data (storage & in-transit), frequent security audits & patches.

Granular Access Control

Give managers control and users the appropriate level of access they need with role-based access control. Minimize vulnerabilities & data breaches with customizable policies.

Personalized Deployment

Deploy Polly for translational research to your personal VPC, with compatibility across leading cloud providers like GCP, AWS, Azure, and more.

Expert Services for Advanced Analysis

Leverage our expertise to construct tailored consumption methods, unique to your research

Build Custom Dashboards

Leverage custom applications or dashboards to visualize patient cohorts, empowering in-depth exploration and interpretation of trends and patterns.

Identify Diagnostic/Prognostic Biomarkers

Tap into our expertise to build predictive models for biomarker discovery and patient stratification, unlocking insights to inform precision medicine strategies.

Why Polly?

Fast-Track Time to Analysis

Achieve a 7X acceleration in time to analysis. Reduce time spent in receiving patient data to constructing visualizations from one week to just one day.

Gold-standard Data

Experience a remarkable 10X boost in efficiency with Polly, our cutting-edge data harmonization tool. With an impressive accuracy rate of 99%, streamline your processes and save valuable time.

Trim Operational Overheads

It is 13X more cost effective to harmonize and manage data on Polly, than than building data management solutions in-house.

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