Data Volume on Polly Just Got 2x Larger!
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Data Volume on Polly Just Got 2x Larger!

Shruti Mehrotra
July 2, 2021

This week, the number of curated biomedical datasets on Polly crossed 300,000 and now offers an even greater depth of omics information on tissue types, diseases, and patient cohorts to incorporate into your research.

What’s new on Polly?


Omics datasets on Polly have more than doubled from 125,000 to 300,000 in just three months! In addition, thousands of metadata columns on Polly have been enriched with standardized tags extracted from their respective scientific publications, giving you the ease to identify and analyze genes of interest and patient cohorts efficiently.

How are Omics Datasets on Polly Helpful?

Not sure how to validate your existing hypothesis, define your next research hypothesis, or face challenges with integrating and comparing biomedical data from various sources? Polly has you covered.

Polly hosts a collection of biomedical multi-omics datasets curated to be analysis-ready for use in research. In addition, Polly gives you easy access to harmonized metadata you need for the workflow of your choice. 

With access to thousands of high-quality curated omics datasets just a few clicks away, your team can focus on the research problem while Polly provides the perfect solution that supports your endeavors.

Where Can You Find These Datasets?

Curated multi-omics biomedical datasets can be found here on Polly.

Platform Security

                   Polly’s security performance for June 2021. Provided by

This quarter, we have significantly rectified our platform’s security threats and vulnerabilities across various layers - company website, DNS records, and Polly microservices. A security audit carried out by SecurityScorecard graded Polly’s performance at grade A with a score of 94.

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