Data-centric MLOps Platform for Life Sciences R&D

A cloud-based platform built on a cutting-edge tech stack to enable life science organizations to move towards a data-centric discovery paradigm.

Polly for Bioinformaticians

Code-first benefits for exploring ML-Ready data on the platform.

Enrich Your Analyses with Public Studies

Run jobs to ingest large volumes of data asynchronously from public sources along with proprietary datasets. Minimize context switching, use queryable samples, and generate better predictions using Polly.

Stream Data to Platforms of Choice

Leverage Polly's capabilities by exporting data to your preferred platforms using API-based integrations. Stream ML-Ready data from Polly to Data warehouses, visualization tools & computational platforms.

Augment Search with Powerful Querying

Create cohorts of your choice by integrating datasets from multiple sources using complex and scalable queries. Query millions of records in one go at the study, sample & feature level using familiar SQL queries.  

Slice and Dice Data on the Fly

Slice and dice data on the cloud without downloading it to your local storage. Analyze large datasets from one or more studies using Polly's programmatic interface to save time and resources on the local machine.

Scale Computation and Ingestion

Use notebooks, dockerized pipelines, or applications to scale computation on large data with compute-resources on-demand. Perform complex analyses and process large files with Polly's scalable cloud infrastructure.

Track Your Analytical Journey

Polly gives you complete control over your analysis, automatically keeping a record of your workflow. Rollback and redo computations through a version control system built into Polly.

Polly for Biologists

Extract deeper insights from the data at hand with applications, integrations & visualizations.

Access Latest Curated Public Studies

Polly OmixAtlas' are the largest resources of biology-specific data from diverse sources. OmixAtlas delivers the latest datasets relevant to your research by synchronizing frequently with source repositories.

Find Datasets of Interest

Minimize manual searches for data using filtering and search capabilities built into OmixAtlas. Leverage richly annotated datasets to understand behavior across cohorts.

Perform Downstream Analysis with Tools of Choice

Integrate Polly with your preferred open-source or third-party applications to expand your toolset for research. Alternatively, customize apps or bring your in-house workflows on Polly for downstream analysis.

Identify Relevant Datasets Easily

Quickly identify if a dataset or sample is relevant to your research using comprehensive metadata summaries on the OmixAtlas. Alternatively, get a dataset of your interest curated and harmonized on-demand.

Collaborate Seamlessly with Peers

Share insights, analysis & replicate work seamlessly. Collaborate with peers on your research by sharing relevant reports, analyses, and datasets on Polly Workspaces.

Utilize Analysis-ready Data from Polly

Data in Polly's OmixAtlas is structured and does not require further cleaning and unification for analysis. Connect the applications of your choice to start analyzing data in one click.  

Polly for Enterprise

Unparalleled security, scalability & flexibility with enterprise-grade features for R&D teams.

Deploy Within Your Private Cloud

Access and consume data and services on Polly through an isolated virtual network that you define. Ensure that only trusted entities can access assets in the virtual private cloud.

Centralize Access to Enterprise Data

Import, sync and manage data distributed across your organization on a central repository. Break data silos across the enterprise, increase data visibility, accessibility & collaboration.

Secure Your Data Assets

Polly ensures enterprise-grade security by preventing unauthorized access to your assets, cloud encryption of data (storage & in-transit), frequent security audits & patches.

Enterprise-grade Support

Polly's highly responsive customer success team helps with scaling, research design, customized solutions, and more. We provide dedicated project management to resolve issues on priority.

Manage Access & Permissions

Give managers control and users the appropriate level of access they need with role-based access control. Minimize vulnerabilities &  data breaches with customizable policies.

FAIRify Biomelecular Data

Polly enables FAIRification of enterprise data with centralized metadata & tag management to ensure all your data assets conform to an in-house schema. Replace legacy data management practices to reuse data effectively.

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