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Polly is a one stop platform to search and explore curated biomedical data.

Explore the Largest Curated Collection of RNA-Seq Studies

Polly provides access to 43,000+ curated RNA-Seq studies to streamline the discovery of therapeutic candidates. Data on Polly is consistently processed, curated with controlled vocabulary and peer reviewed by domain experts.

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Single Cell OmixAtlas

1700+ Datasets
75 Million Curated Cells

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Bulk RNA-Seq OmixAtlas

42,000+ Datasets
100% Processed by Kallisto

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Kickstart Your Research on a Platform Designed for Data Discovery

Find Relevant Datasets from Polly’s RNA-seq OmixAtlases

Discover data in minutes with an advanced GUI search experience based on fully standardized metadata. Using familiar SQL queries or visualization tools, investigate studies at the dataset, sample, and molecular levels.

Build Atlases Customized to Your Research

Shortlist studies relevant to your biological question from Polly’s RNA-Seq catalog and transfer them to your atlas. Request custom curation to enable personalized queries or fit analysis needs.

Unlock Diverse Analytical Options

Examine the right cohorts or perform large scale meta-analysis using Polly’s programmatic interface. Use API's to stream curated RNA-Seq datasets to your analysis pipelines.

Built on a Differentiated Curation Technology

Polly’s unique curation models have transformed 80 TB of biomedical data from the public domain into a queryable & analysis-ready resource.

Find datasets 7 times faster using a plethora of harmonized metadata annotations

Discover 300 X more data on Polly with an ontology powered recommendation engine

Save 80% of the time spent on tedious curation with access to consistently processed data

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Notable Obesity-related Datasets on Polly

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