Single Cell OmixAtlas

Explore the world’s largest single cell database, meticulously curated and ready for analysis.

Data on the Single Cell OmixAtlas

Polly's single cell studies are engineered to a consistent H5AD format that comprises  cell annotations, expression values and associated metadata from publications.

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Why Access Single Cell Data on Polly?

Systematically Curated and Quality Controlled

Access ~1700 curated single cell datasets that reliably capture cell annotations and expression values from publication. Polly's curation ensures cell annotations are standardized with consistent ontologies across studies and expression values are reproducible.

Perform Advanced Querying Across the Single Cell OmixAtlas

Identify relevant single cell studies by searching curated fields like source, treatment protocol, and disease on an intuitive UI or with SQL. Find similar expression profiles or examine categorical metadata within minutes using integrations with tools like Cell by Gene.

Enjoy Uncomplicated Data Connectivity

Export data to your existing analytical set up using API based integrations. Datasets from the Single Cell OmixAtlas have been engineered to a consistent H5AD format that is compatible with commonly used single cell pipelines or applications.

How This Works?

Search and Explore Data

Explore the Bulk RNA-Seq OmixAtlas using built in filters or free-text search

Slice and Dice Data

Use integration with phantasus to visualize gene expression profiles from the bulk RNA-Seq OmixAtlas

Transfer to a Custom Atlas

Shortlist relevant datasets and transfer to an OmixAtlas you define

Request Deeper Curation

Request additional curation to unlock diverse analytical options

Accelerate Cell Type Annotation of scRNA-seq Data on Polly

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