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Accelerating Translational Research in Immune-mediated Disorders with 5M cells from Harmonized Datasets

Key Highlights

  • A South San Francisco-based translational research company is developing targets in the field of inflammatory diseases by targeting the underlying dysregulation that drives diseases. They needed high-quality multi-modal public datasets to achieve their goal.
  • The company faced challenges in finding high-quality public datasets that are well-annotated with metadata. Additionally, they encountered hurdles in annotating cell types in single-cell datasets and experienced issues with the seamless integration of public data into their infrastructure, all due to its low quality.
  • Elucidata's team delivered high-quality, ML-ready public datasets of multiple modalities, completely annotated with metadata, facilitating seamless integration into company’s internal infrastructure through APIs.
  • Elucidata helped them save approximately 1600 hours by delivering 5 million cells and 11,000 relevant multi-modal samples and annotating cell types for single cells with reference markers, to help expedite their research goals.

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