High Throughput Data Processing Pipelines

Why Polly Connectors?

Ready-to-use Pipelines

Simplify your journey from data to insights through production-ready pipelines deployed on an infrastructure of your choice.

Pick from a suite of scientifically validated, command line dockerized pipelines & start analysing a host of multi-omics data types.

Leverage our in-house engineering expertise to build, design and deploy custom pipelines unique to your data type & analysis requirements.

Scale Efficiently Using Polly

Work with a fully managed infrastructure to build high-throughput data processing pipelines. Reduce dependencies on your local environment & auto-scale resources based on usage.

Select computational resources, docker environments, or machine types as per the complexity of your jobs. 

Run complex, multi-threaded pipelines using NextFlow integrations on Polly. Reduce time taken to process high throughput data by 50%.

Automate Data Ingestion & Enrichment

Ingest, transform and curate data at scale using Polly's ETL pipelines or connectors. Automate your data flow to increase throughput for accelerated discovery.

Orchestrate identifier mapping, quality check, and a whole gamut of data pre-processing steps.

Enrich these processed data matrices with critical metadata. Ensure all your enterprise data conforms to an in-house data schema that you define.