Develop Web-applications & Dashboards to Analyze Harmonized Data on Polly

How Polly Helps?

Stream Data to Platforms of Choice

Use Polly’s APIs to stream data into your existing analytical setup. Spend no time on formatting data or building point integrations with your cloud system.

Polly offers file converter functions and structures data into an extendable data model that works with the tools you're interested in.

Bring Your Applications to the Cloud

Consume harmonized datasets with proprietary or open-source applications hosted securely on Polly's cloud.

Dockerize production-ready applications using Polly's command line interface & scale computation to your custom requirements.

Connect your preferred applications to your Atlas on Polly & analyze an array of multi-omics data on the fly.

Build Custom Applications or Dashboards

Work with our experts to build or customize a production-ready, scientifically validated application that caters to your research needs.

Rely on your dedicated account manager for round-the-clock support, maintenance, and customization requests.

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