Gather Actionable Insights Using Polly Enabled Application Solutions

Consume ML-ready data on Polly with production-ready visualizations solutions.

Here’s Why Polly's State-of-the-art Application Solutions Work

Consume More than 1.5 Million ML-ready Datasets

Analyze and process data to extract deep insights from the largest collection of ML-ready biomolecular data using canned applications on a Polly OmixAtlas.

Search, query, and filter for data of your interest using built-in GUI-based applications or stream data to visualization and dashboarding solutions for downstream analysis.

Bring Your Applications to the Cloud

Consume ML-Ready datasets with proprietary or open source applications hosted securely on Polly's cloud.

Dockerize production ready applications using Polly's command line interface & scale computation to your custom requirements.

Connect your preferred applications to an OmixAtlas & analyze an array of multi-omics data on the fly.

Bank on Our Customer Success Team

Work with our experts to build or customize a GUI-ready, scientifically validated application that caters to research needs.

Rely on your dedicated account manager from Polly’s Customer Success Team for round-the-clock support for maintenance and customization requests.