Build Custom Atlases on Polly

Create customized data Atlases specific to indication, tissue or data-type, unique to your research needs.

How This Works?

Curate Data Relevant to your Discovery Project

Use our concierge service to search public databases matching your criteria and find research-specific data promptly.

Cross-verify your findings against public literature, to ensure swift validation of your hypotheses.

Enrich your data and analyses from knowledge bases like KEGG, MsigDB, and more.

Integrate Heterogenous Data into a Singular Atlas

Transform multi-modal and multi-source data into a common data model and store it on an Atlas you define.

Preserve the vital connections between projects, cases, clinical, and molecular data present in the heterogeneous data types.

Integrate in-house generated data with relevant public studies, elevating the accuracy and statistical robustness of your analyses.

Your Data, Modelled Your Way

Define the data model across studies for your Atlas to ensure consistency and interoperability for metadata validation and harmonization.

Enforce schema, allowed values and rulesets for metadata tagging with the Atlas to preserve data integrity.

Stream consistently modeled data into your preferred computational platforms, ML tools, or analysis pipelines.


Bank on our Expert Success Team

White Glove Service

Embed our experts and technology within your R&D team for streamlined delivery of harmonized data. Never miss an important dataset or project deadline again.

Dedicated Expertise

Leverage decades of combined experience of our Solutions Architects in ML, Biocuration, and Bioinformatics to maximize your harmonized data.

Focused R&D Support

Work with our team to develop customized solutions like knowledge graphs, ML classifiers, or dashboards to extract deeper insights from the data at hand.

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