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Transforming the Biotech Landscape: Bio-IT World Conference 2023

Shrushti Joshi
April 27, 2023

The 22nd Annual Bio-IT World Conference and Expo are back to unite a community of leading life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, informatics, and technology experts in biomedical research, drug discovery & development, and healthcare worldwide.

"A festival of cutting-edge solutions in the Bio-IT domain, a perfect place for matching interests to boost computational capabilities. Bio-IT World is the no. 1 industrial, biomedical IT community conference.” Senior Scientific Director, Merck Healthcare KGa

The event premiers worldwide in a 3-day conference held at Hynes Convention Center in Boston (with a live virtual stream) focusing on 12 in-depth themes useful for building technologies and global networks for precision medicine. Over 30 countries with almost 200 presentations and interactive discussions will be covered in this conference on 16-18 May 2023.

Bio-IT World Conferenc

Pre-conference Hackathon

A pre-conference Hackathon event will be arranged on 15 May 2023 to provide various Deep-Dive learning opportunities. The fifth annual Bio-IT Hackathon will contribute to uniting life science and IT teams to tackle actual bioinformatics projects with maximum impact potential. Projects at the event will feature Open-Source tools to make data more findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. All projects will be broadly applicable to the data science community.

A luncheon will be held wherein attendees can discuss and interact freely to conjure solutions to the scientific data problem while enjoying tasty food.

Innovative Practices Award

The Innovative Practices Awards recognizes and celebrates innovation that advances life sciences research—the award targets to create competition designed to recognize partnerships and projects pushing the industry forward.

“As the Bio-IT World community emerges triumphantly from the challenges faced in the last three years, I expect the Innovative Practices Awards to showcase cutting-edge developments and a new level of creativity in life sciences,” said Allison Proffitt, Bio-IT World Editorial Director. “I look forward to sharing this community’s exemplary collaborations at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in 2023.”

The award helps bring forward recent innovations and showcases their applications by having the winners give a 30 min presentation and interactive session to help enhance the techniques.

Best of Show Awards

2023 Best of Show Awards allow exhibitors to distinguish and highlight their products, ranging from an innovative application, technology, tool, or solution. Using voting, the Bio-IT World community can identify exceptional innovations in technologies life science professionals use and identify the most impactful new products of the year.

Exhibitors can register their products via the online submission form. Attendees can explore the novel technologies and solutions firsthand in the exhibit hall and vote for the People’s Choice Award once the conference has begun.

Highlights of Conference

The conference focuses on digital and data transformations and their impact on people, processes, and technology. It also highlights functions and departments impacted by the influx of data and data types. Key areas include-

Bio-IT Conference 2023

The conference works on solving the challenges of ingesting, organizing, and preparing large, diverse data sets for analytics and machine learning at a scale to unlock novel patient insights and research. Some key topics will be discussed like

  • Life Science Automation Opportunities.
  • Building an End-to-End Solution for Genomics Data on Amazon Omics.
  • Modern Data, Analytics, and AI Platform Can Transform the Life Sciences Industry.
  • Investment decisions and how to assess innovation along with a process for evaluating, piloting, and scaling new technologies and technology approaches.
  • Organization evaluation on emerging technology vendor landscape.
  • Formal buying process requirements and identifying key stakeholders, decision-makers, and gatekeepers.

Elucidata at BIO- IT world: Booth 101

Meet the Elucidata team during the event or after!
Elucidata has developed an AI-powered data-centric platform, Polly, for deep curation of RNA seq data. Polly manages the end-to-end data journey- ingestion, transformation, and storage. We have highly curated ML-ready single-cell and bulk RNA seq data, which can be directly used for analysis in downstream processes. This allows researchers to focus on insight derivation via data analysis and visualization instead of data wrangling and engineering.

  • Polly creates a centralized ecosystem for ingesting, processing and analyzing unprecedented scales of public and proprietary datasets.
  • It has enabled the detection of multiple validated drug targets across immunology, oncology, and metabolic disorders using ML-ready and scalable data infrastructure for downstream analysis.
  • Polly makes data easily findable and more reusable.
  • It has enabled 75-80% faster identification of therapeutic assets with high odds of success in the clinic.
  • This technology can curate 26+ R&D data types (omics and non-omics) into a unified schema, enabling integrative analysis and storage of heterogeneous data on a single platform.


Let’s meet at Booth 101, Bio-IT World Conference, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, on May 16-18th to discuss more.  

Unable to make it to Boston at that time? No worries, we have got you covered!
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