Top 10 Latest Single-cell Atlases for Normal Tissues

Top 10 Latest Single-cell Atlases for Normal Tissues

Vipul Jain
May 18, 2020

What is a Single-cell Atlas?

A Single-cell atlas is an effort to catalog all different kinds of cells in the human or animal body using the latest techniques in Next-Gen sequencing, microfluidic techniques, nanotechnology, and high-resolution microscopy. Efforts have been made to map every cell that makes up the human body. Such efforts have enabled researchers to characterize individual cells from different organs and tissues and are thought to bring about a change in how we understand, diagnose, and treat human diseases. Such studies provide a roadmap to understanding human health and diseases and form a powerful resource to enable discoveries.

We have collected the top 10 single cell atlases at hand. Here's a list comprising the information for 1,902,384 cells from human and mouse tissues. For each atlas, Elucidata has compiled its data source, a brief description of the research, together with clickable links to relevant resources. In this article, we give a sneak peek into this ultimate collection.

1. Human Cell Landscape

In a recent study published earlier this year in Nature, researchers have generated single-cell transcriptomic data profiling over 700,000 cells for 60 human tissue types from adult and fetal tissue. Comparative studies of human and mouse single-cell landscapes helps in identifying the conserved genetic networks components amongst them. The study also reveals that stem and progenitor cells exhibit strong transcriptomic stochasticity, while the differentiated cells are more distinct.

CELLS: 702,968 single cells from 67 human tissues & cell culture types
PROTOCOLS: Microwell-seq protocol

SIngle-cell Human Cell Landscape

CITATION: Han, X., Zhou, Z., Fei, L. et al. Construction of a human cell landscape at single-cell level. Nature (2020).

2. Human Lung Atlas

Human Lung Atlas is a comprehensive molecular cell atlas of the adult human lung created using Single-cell RNA sequencing of ∼75,000 cells. The study identifies 58 human lung cell populations including 41 of 45 previously known cell types or subtypes and 14 new ones.

CELLS: Cells: ~75,000 human lung and blood cells
PROTOCOL: Droplet- and plate-based single-cell RNA sequencing
DATA SOURCE: Synapse - accession syn21041850

Single-cell Human Lung Atlas

CITATION: Krasnow et al. A molecular cell atlas of the human lung from single-cell RNA sequencing. bioRxiv 742320 doi:

8 more Single-cell atlas..

Our collection offers 8 more similar atlases ranging from Human Liver Atlas, Mouse Brain Atlas, and more. To download the complete atlas please fill out the form below.

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