Nagarjuna – The middle path of innovation
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Nagarjuna – The middle path of innovation

Vipul Jain
April 9, 2019

Nagarjuna was an ancient Buddhist philosopher who lived during the 2nd century B.C. He was an advisor to the king, as well as the founder of one of the primary Buddhist philosophies, ‘Madhyamaka’, which is till date followed in parts of Tibet. Nagarjuna is credited with the writing of numerous philosophical scriptures and poetry. The Madhyamaka tradition speaks of taking a centrist path in life that can lead to finding the balance. It is also the nature of any phenomena that occurs unless tampered with.

We humans also tend to take the middle path in life. It is a path that assures us of security, tranquillity, and equality. Unless one is provoked or dis-balanced, they remain in the center of their life, consuming all parts equally.

The Nomenclature

Here at Elucidata, we too believe in adhering to the middle path when it comes to our process. Our work is one which requires an absolution of both technology and mindset. And we believe this absolution can be gained only by tending to the path of equality, the one that lies in the center.

But why name a room? The ideology behind such nomenclature is to constantly provide a reminder of the greatness that is held within the realm of knowledge. It is to serve as a source of inspiration, innovation, and concentration. Nagarjuna was a philosopher who provided the path of enlightenment, and we want that same spirit to resonate within these walls where our brains are stormed. Every time one of us reads the name in our minds, we inadvertently are provided with a jolt of inspiration that allows us to rekindle our professional spirit.

The Buddhist philosophy is one of the most ancient ones to exist on this Earth, and therefore we look to it as a sort of self-explanatory source of knowledge. And in this knowledge we find the inspiration to innovate. To move forward in a trajectory that no one else has before and create a founding on which our label will be established. The first steps of these journeys begin in this room we have named Nagarjuna, the middle path of innovation.

The Use

Nagarjuna is one of our prime meeting locations. Be it a team meeting, a managerial huddle, a client call, etc. Nagarjuna can fit in a small group, and since the accumulation of knowledge cannot be put a boundary upon, our members are allowed to write all over the meeting table. And honestly, if you stare at a table that has notes scribbled all over it, you never know when the next big idea will pop up!

The architecture of the room has been fashioned in a sober and contemporary manner, because this is where the most serious of the choices are made, and the walls must reflect the sobriety of thought process required.

Elucidata provides the service of data science integration into the medical industry along with various other modern technologies. Our aim is to provide people with a process that can truly promise 100% accuracy and thereby facilitate faster evolution of the medical industry. The skills we require and the knowledge we possess is often put to the test in order to ensure quality services, and in such times we require philosophy and a place of solitude that can truly allow us to be in our zones. This is why we have built and named Nagarjuna, and it becomes a safe space for our innovative tendencies when the time calls for it.

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