Curation on Demand

Harmonize Biomolecular Data Across the Enterprise

Curate Enterprise Data at Scale

Structure and curate large amounts of biomolecular data and metadata consistently regardless of the data source and type through a model assisted curation workflow. Our proprietary curation technology is transferable across domains and can be flexibly deployed for an array of enterprise-scale curation projects.

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Configure Data to an In-house Data Model

Leverage custom curation of metadata fields based on your unique querying & analysis requirements.

Implement standard ontologies or controlled vocabulary across your enterprise data to improve data accessibility.

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Host ML-ready Data on OmixAtlas

Store and integrate your proprietary data along with public studies of interest on a centralized repository. Easily consume, share and collaborate on ML-ready data within your organization in real-time. Alternatively, stream data to a computational platform of your choice for further analysis.

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