Bulk RNA-Seq OmixAtlas

A comprehensive look at the world's largest curated gene expression data.

Data on the Bulk RNA-Seq OmixAtlas

Access ~42,000 bulk RNA-Seq datasets from GEO, processed consistently with Kallisto and engineered to a standard GCT format.

Search, Analyze & Integrate Thousands of Bulk RNA-Seq Studies

Find Relevant Datasets in a Fraction of Time

Find relevant data, samples and associated metadata within minutes using an intuitive UI or SQL. Polly's curation models annotate Bulk RNA-Seq datasets with over 21 harmonised metadata at human levels of accuracy.

Extract Deeper Insights from the Data at Hand

Combine consistently processed Bulk RNA-Seq studies (identifier mapping, alignment, normalization, quality check) to perform large scale meta-analysis, compare cohorts reliably and generate high confidence hypotheses.

Stream Data to Platforms of Choice

Export data to your existing analytical set up using API based integrations. Datasets from the Bulk RNA-Seq OmixAtlas have been engineered to a consistent tabular schema that is compatible with any tool or pipeline.

How This Works?

Search and Explore Data

Find datasets 9X faster on Polly’s single source of truth for data - OmixAtlases

Slice and Dice Data

Use integration with phantasus to visualize gene expression profiles from the bulk RNA-Seq OmixAtlas

Transfer to a Custom Atlas

Shortlist relevant datasets and transfer to an OmixAtlas you define

Request Deeper Curation

Request additional curation to unlock diverse analytical options

Perform Meta-Analysis with Bulk RNA-Seq data on Polly

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