In-person Networking Event, For Delegates from Pharma and Biotech.

September 27, 2023
4PM - 7PM PT
Foundry & Lux, SF

Topic: Generative AI in Drug Discovery

Why Attend


Join us for DataFAIR in San Francisco to debate and discuss the applications of Gen AI in Early Stage Drug Discovery. From information extraction to biological insights, generative AI models already show many promising results!

We’ll have cocktails, great food and the opportunity to network with fellow Gen AI enthusiasts from SF's data science and bioinformatics community.  
We can’t wait to see you there!!
This event is now closed. Join us virtually for the DataFAIR Main Event on October 26th from 1 PM - 4 PM EST to hear from the best minds in BioPharma about the revolutionary potential of Generative AI in Drug Discovery. RSVP Here


Elucidata transforms biological discovery by providing high quality bulk RNA-seq and single cell data, among other omics data types. They support discovery programs at top pharma companies and have 35+ research partners from premier biopharma companies and research labs. Their FAIR biomedical data platform, Polly, makes data easily findable and more reusable.Elucidata has helped R&D teams scale up and has enabled 10x faster identification of therapeutic assets with high odds of success in the clinic. Having aided the detection of multiple validated drug targets across immunology, oncology, and metabolic disorders, Elucidata looks forward to helping more teams reach their R&D goals quicker!
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