24x Faster Proteomics Research with PRIDE on Polly, $500K Savings

Key Highlights

  • A London-based therapeutics company faced a significant challenge in finding relevant proteomics datasets from the PRIDE repository, as only ~25% of these are completely annotated.
  • The company partnered with Elucidata to access high-quality, ML-ready proteomics data and completely annotated metadata to construct a comprehensive knowledge graph illustrating the intricate relationships and interactions between proteins in biological systems.
  • Elucidata employed a three-step approach to deliver 60 high-quality proteomics datasets, each with over 10,000 samples. These datasets aligned with their inclusion criteria, ensuring that the datasets included disease labeling and all necessary information on samples.
  • Elucidata’s Polly Verified datasets allowed them to kickstart their research in a month versus 24 months, saving them over half a million dollars.

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