7 Reasons why you should use El-MAVEN on Polly
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7 Reasons why you should use El-MAVEN on Polly

Jainik Dedhia
June 11, 2020

What is El-MAVEN?

El-MAVEN is an open-source mass spectrometry data processing engine that is optimal for isotopomer labeling and global metabolomic profiling experiments. Currently, it exists as a desktop application that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. The software can be used to view the mass spectra, align chromatograms, perform peak-feature detection, and alignment for labeled and unlabeled mass spectrometry data. The aim of this software package is to reduce the complexity of metabolomics analysis by using a highly intuitive interface for exploring and validating metabolomics data.

El-MAVEN on Polly 1
El-MAVEN on Polly

Often the size of metabolomic data from an experiment is so large (100 GB or more!) that it becomes almost impossible to process data on a local computer. To overcome this challenge, we have hosted El-MAVEN on a Polly, a cloud-based platform serving all the needs of Biomedical data. Polly can spin up as many numbers of El-MAVEN instances on a variety of cloud machines as needed at a time so that you and your colleagues can simultaneously work on multiple datasets. To know more about Polly check out this page.

7 Reasons to use El-MAVEN on Polly

1. No Installation required

No need to spend time setting up El-MAVEN on a machine and updating to the latest version with every new release. Just log in to Polly from any computer with an internet connection and start using it.

2. Choose from variety of machines

The computational power required by El-MAVEN varies with the type and size of data. Polly provides a variety of various machines to choose from, based on your data. Machines with RAM up to 120GB are available.

3. Scale for as many users as needed

In most cases, labs have one computer with high specifications reserved for such analyses shared between multiple researchers. Polly spins up El-MAVEN instances as per need so that multiple researchers can process their data simultaneously instead of waiting for their turn on a lab computer.

4. Ingest data from various sources

The instance on Polly provides access to the terminal as well as a browser that can be used to ingest data from a variety of sources from Polly Projects to Cloud Storage solutions.

El-MAVEN on Polly 3
Access any data source with an in-built browser

5. One platform for raw data, processed data and analyses

Raw data, processed data, and downstream analyses can be saved on the same platform. Upload raw data from the mass spec machine to Polly and use the El-MAVEN instance to convert data to binary format, pick peaks, and transfer data back to Polly Projects. Use the data for further downstream processing on the platform itself.

6. Convenient collaboration

Share raw data, processed data, downstream analyses, reports together by simply sharing the Polly project with collaborators.

7. Polly support

Get access to the Polly Support team for all your queries and help with your analyses.

Get a Free Demo

El-MAVEN is free to download here. To give El-MAVEN on Polly a try, book a free demo with one of our experts.

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