6 reasons why you should use Polly in a Core Facility
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6 reasons why you should use Polly in a Core Facility

Vipul Jain
May 21, 2020

What is Polly?

Polly is an AI-enabled platform for storage, reproducible analysis, and integration of high-throughput biomedical data on the cloud. It creates a unique, centralized ecosystem that enables a diverse team of biologists, bioinformaticians, and scientific leaders to share and collaborate on projects, data, and insights.

Polly in a core facility provides imperative features for biological target identification and validation, pathway elucidation, cellular phenotype analysis, and biomarker identification making it a single platform for all the data processing and analysis needs.

Polly for Core Facility

Benefits for a Core Facility

1. Data Management

Polly Core Facility Data Management

Polly’s Admin Dashboard provides a glance view of the projects you are currently working on. Inside each project, Polly allows upload, management, and collaboration of input files and its versions of analysis along with the generated report.

2. Workflows

Get access to ready to use, vendor-neutral, scientifically validated workflows for a variety of biomedical data and just by navigating through a few tabs, you will be able to generate visualizations from your raw data. These workflows are also customizable as per your data analysis needs.

3. Access Public Datasets

Polly also provides you the capability to leverage the power of big data. With Polly Discover, you can access public databases that have been curated and stored in the form of data lakes or make data lakes with your own data.

4. Data Visualizations

Polly Core Facility Data Visualizaion

Polly also provides a variety of interactive data visualizations in a matter of minutes. You can also play with the parameters as per the question at hand.

5. One-Click Report

To ensure that you do not spend a lot of time downloading plots and arranging them in a pre-defined order with the insights generated each time for a study, we have built-in One-Click Report functionality that allows you to generate reports in a standardized format with the click of a button.

6. Cloud Collaboration

Polly Core Facility Cloud Collaboration

These reports can be easily shared as Polly provides cloud collaboration capability to the user to share the project and the presence of an integrated Admin Dashboard puts you in control. You can create and manage your client's user accounts and can quickly share projects with required access on the platform when appropriate.

Try Polly for your core facility

Polly manages the technology so that you can do high-level research. Book a session today to make the most of your work.

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