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Realize the Full Potential of Biomolecular Data

Build, scale and get to quicker actionable insights with our dedicated Customer Success Team of expert scientists and engineers.

Accelerate Your Research Projects to Success with Our Bespoke Services

Curation on Demand

White glove curation service that supports a variety of data types and improves data accessibility for accelerated discovery.

Suitable for enterprise-scale projects requiring large volumes of data, curated for AI/ML based applications.

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Application Solutions

Applications and dash-boarding solutions that can be used off-the-shelf or customized based on data and unique user requirements.

Includes a comprehensive suite of tools, technologies, components to streamline the development of novel solutions.

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Polly-enabled Pipeline Solutions

Build cutting-edge pipelines to minimize the time between sequencing and interpretation of multi-omics studies.

Choose between vanilla (out-of-the-box), customized, and tailor-made pipelines based on unique requirements.

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Predictive ML Solutions

Build, train and deploy predictive models for generating high-value data-driven insights from multi-omics data.

Gain exclusive access to our machine learning and multi-omics expertise and tools for building custom ML solutions.

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Work with Our Team of Experts

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts- biologists, bioinformaticians, and software engineers cater effectively to the modern R&D teams.

Vaibhav is a computational biologist by training who has focused on the fields of stem cells and oncology. At Elucidata, he has worked on several collaborations for transcriptomics-based target and biomarker discovery.

Vaibhav Mittal

Customer Success Manager

With nearly a decade of work experience in the biotech industry, Ankita is an expert in areas such as clinical genomics and oncology-drug-gene networks. Her project management skills help her deliver the best results for her clients.

Ankita Kathal

Customer Success Manager

Sabu is an Electronics and Communication Engineer with 9+ years of experience in building complex systems and software for both the embedded and bioinformatics world. At Elucidata he solves  technological problems faced by customers in the Bioinformatics domain.

Sabu George

Sr. Engineering Manager

Richa is a Bioinformatics Scientist with 10+ years of experience developing algorithms & generating insights for drug discovery. At Elucidata, she is involved in building scalable & ML-based solutions for public & proprietary data curation, custom automated workflows, data analysis & visualization.

Richa Mudgal

Sr. Bioinformatics Scientist

Nobal is a Senior Data Scientist with over 6 years of experience with creating engineering workflows and data products in bioinformatics. At Elucidata, Nobal is involved in  delivering world class solutions to  customers for diverse omics applications.

Nobal Dhruv

Sr. Data Scientist

Sunil is a Senior Bioinformatics Scientist well-versed with processing & analyzing omics data using in-house tools like Polly. As an expert in Python and R, he's involved in building custom automated workflows & analysis pipelines for omics datasets & catering to diverse customer requirements.

Sunil Dhakad

Sr. Bioinformatics Scientist

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