Enterprise repository for harmonized biomolecular data

Multi-disciplinary R&D teams grapple with large, uncurated and heterogeneous data distributed across their organizations. Consolidate enterprise data on an OmixAtlas and accelerate discovery.

Use Polly to access FAIRified biomolecular data

Use Polly's technology for storing, curating and managing biomolecular data at scale. Combine and standardize proprietary data with publicly available databases to improve accessibility and interoperability.

Harmonize and standardize heterogeneous data

Make use of model-assisted metadata harmonization to convert all of your enterprise data into a consistent data schema. Find, search, and consume curated data in an Enterprise OmixAtlas using metadata aligned with well-accepted ontologies.

Explore and query massive datasets

Use built-in filters on Polly’s UI or other GUI-based platforms to search, find, and interpret data in Enterprise OmixAtlas. Alternatively, use Polly's programmatic interface to query across millions of datasets, samples, features and data matrices, and manipulate data in otherwise impossible ways.

Enabling integrative data analysis for 30+ data types

Enrich proprietary data with public studies on the Enterprise OmixAtlas

Deploy in your own cloud

Deploy Enterprise OmixAtlas on a dedicated public cloud account/ private cloud for improved security and meeting compliance requirements. Build customized solutions based on technical and business needs.

Enterprise-grade security

Secure your data in the cloud with best-in-class policies and controls in a dedicated environment.

Stream data to multiple platforms

Integrate external platforms and applications to analyze data streamed from Enterprise OmixAtlas.


Reach out to your dedicated account manager to resolve issues, upgrades, and customization requests on-priority resolution.