AML OmixAtlas

A comprehensive look at Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Data on AML Omix Atlas

Access to 12000+ AML specific multi-omics datasets from multiple sources, in one place.

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Tissue Types

Curating biomolecular data at scale

Leverage more than 1.5 million datasets and 4.1 million samples aggregated from 32 publicly available sources.

Why AML OmixAtlas?

Deploy ML applications faster

Leverage Polly's standard pipeline and AML data enriched with harmonized metadata annotations to deploy ML applications faster.

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Access curated data with existing infrastructure

Access and analyze AML OmixAtlas data using familiar methods without switching to another computational platform.

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Explore through code

Perform integrative omics analysis across the various types of data hosted on the AML OmixAtlas using powerful code-based querying capabilities powered by Polly Libraries.

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AML OmixAtlas
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Single Cell OmixAtlas
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