Our team is small, nimble, and growing quickly. If you join us, you’ll see the business grow through several different phases and your role will grow with it.

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We are a multi-disciplinary team of individuals from varying backgrounds. We are scientists, engineers, designers, mathematicians, analysts, doctors, managers and developers united by a combined passion for what we do. The problems that we have set out to solve need a diversity of thought, experiences and expertise. We pursue our mission with intense passion and fierce urgency.

As a team member, you’ll wear multiple hats, embrace ambiguity, and lead complex projects. You’ll have the support of an experienced team who’ve built valuable products and services. This is exceptionally challenging work, but will be the most meaningful and rewarding of your career.

Science at Elucidata

Scientists set the vision for our family of products and interface with our end users. They communicate challenges and requirements to our engineering and data science teams. They form the bridge between the different worlds of code, numbers and science, thus empowering us to create solutions that our users love. We expect our scientists to learn and be familiar with the language and culture of data engineers, software developers and designers.

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Engineering at Elucidata

We are building a world-class software engineering team that is creating products today that will drive tomorrow’s drug discovery. Our engineering team is reducing the time scientists spend in analyzing data from days and weeks to minutes. They solve challenges of scale, interactivity, usability, data heterogeneity, computational throughput and more.

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Data Science at Elucidata

Our data scientists extract insights from high-throughput -omics data. They combine expertise in modeling, statistics, and machine learning with a keen interest in fundamental biology. They work with scientists to design future experiments and collaborate with engineering teams on building key features.

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Design at Elucidata

Design is one of the major part of Elucidata product development cycle. We do plenty of research before starting to work on any projects. Which involves doing followings

  • Research
  • User interviews/Stakeholder interview
  • Concept Generation
  • Feasibility check
  • High fidelity design
  • Constant feedback during development cycle
  • Taking users feedback and iterating over the above points
checkout our products page to see what we have made by incorporating these steps in our design sprints.

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